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Stay aligned in daily communications with your AI companion. For both synchronous and asynchronous situations,
blank_enhances understanding, reduces confusion, and drives progress - helping you achieve objectives faster.

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Drive more successful outcomes in key conversations and negotiations with blank_'s subtle hints.

Never lose the thread in scattered email and chat conversations again. blank_syncs context across all platforms.

Get an edge with blank_. Uncover buried insights and subtle nuances in conversations.

Resolve misalignments early before they derail projects using blank_'s real-time guidance.

FEATURES blank_ai


Resolve Communication Breakdowns

Catch Up

I cross-reference chats from any platforms, so you always have the full context.  No more loss of time or confusion when messages fall out of sync!


I am built for conversation alignment, so i can get you to the point the best way possible even when against a corner.


Ensure every message is wise and thoughtful

Protective BELT

Cooler heads prevail. Peacekeeper provides a moment for reflection before sending any flagged negative messages. Take a breath and reconsider harsh words.


Ensure every message is wise and thoughtful

North Star

Guide your conversations to a higher purpose. Our North Star feature steers you towards more constructive dialogue, keep your objectives on track whilst keeping everyone aligned.

Coming soon

Automated Follow-up actions

Let me grab what I suspect is a potential follow-up action for you.

Wellness mode

Breath ... I have got your back when you need a break.

Stay aligned in daily communications with your AI companion.

For Synchronous and Asynchronous Situations
Our AI integrates seamlessly into email, messaging, and chat apps, optimizing business communications in real-time.
It enhances alignment, reduces bias, and keeps conversations productive within existing workflows – helping you communicate better and achieve goals faster.

Cultivating Wellness & Engagement

Measuring employee satisfaction
Monitoring signs of burnout risk
Fostering inclusive environments
Promoting transparency and psychological safety

By tracking inclusion, transparency, satisfaction, and burnout risk, this policy blueprint provides insights that can be used to shape an engaged, psychologically safe culture. This promotes workforce resiliency, performance, and retention.

Optimizing Operations & Investments

Right-sizing technology budgets based on usage
Rationalizing tool sprawl to maximize value
Identifying redundant expenditures
Quantifying productivity and output

With visibility into technology usage, expenditures, and productivity, my model identifies redundant costs, rationalizes tool sprawl, right-sizes budgets, and quantifies output. This leads to optimized investments, reduced waste, and improved operations.

Driving Progress & Outcomes

Understanding blockers in key initiatives
Diagnosing issues sinking team morale
Pinpointing friction slowing decision- making
Identifying know-how gaps hampering innovation

Leveraging daily interactions and communications, my model diagnoses blockers, sinking morale, friction, and know-how gaps that impact key initiatives, decision-making, innovation, and overall team effectiveness. This intelligence allows for actions that drive progress.

Mitigating Risks & Liabilities

Identifying policy non-compliance
Detecting early signs of harassment issues
Monitoring for security/data vulnerabilities
Flagging interpersonal conflicts and discontent

By continuously monitoring communications and relationships, my model identifies potential issues early, such as policy violations, harassment, conflicts, or security risks. This protects organizations by allowing for proactive intervention before problems escalate.

Applying Policies & Guidelines

Enforcing codes of conduct
Embedding core values across communications
Ensuring inclusive language in external messaging
Aligning internal dialogs to DEI priorities

Analyse communications and dialogs to ensure adherence to codes of conduct, embedding of organizational values, use of inclusive language, and alignment with diversity, equity, and inclusion priorities. This helps organizations walk the talk when it comes to enacted values and policies.